Garden Notes for Next Year

  • Don’t overcrowd plants
  • Grow strong-coloured tulips only: red, coral, purple. They provide a much needed pop of colour after a long winter. Pale pink just won’t do.




  • Grown more of muscari and daffodils. They’re wonderful and last forever.


  • Find of the year:¬†Anemone coronaria ‘Sylphide’. Stunning!
  • Bees loved: clarkia, lavender, foxglove, mondarda, salvia viridis, alliums and lupin.
  • Californian poppy didn’t quite work… The colour clashed with everything else.
  • Plant cleome in the right-hand border, it looks better sideways.


  • Salvia patens has the most amazing colour – grow closer to the kitchen window in the right-hand border


  • Start tomatoes and chillies at the end of January. They take forever to produce fruit.
  • Good colour combinations: French lavender, forget-me-not and Peace rose in sping, white pompom dahlia and crocosmia Lucifer in summer.
  • Dahlias are the easiest plants to grow and flower for months.Taller than expected, plant at the back of the border. They look great with cosmos.


  • Plant hollyhocks quite deep, otherwise they topple when fully grown


  • Diascia worked pretty well in the shade in the front garden. Plant again.
  • Plant more flowers for autumn colour. Yellows and reds are going to work quite well at this time of the year. Echinacea is fantastic as well – plant in bigger clumps for better effect.
  • Try more red, deep purple and yellow roses. Pink roses are a bit boring.


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