Pickled cucumbers

It’s surprisingly difficult to find good quality pickled cucumbers in London. Those available from supermarkets taste as if they were pickled in acetone and are, frankly, inedible. Bigger shops sometimes stock Polish or Turkish brands which are pickled in a less vinegary solution with dill and other herbs or spices. Then, there are really nice Israeli cucumbers in brine, but they are hard to find. This year, I thought I would give it a go and make my own. Read More

Blueberry cheesecake

This cake looks stunning and is really easy to make. The basic cheesecake recipe was adapted from one of Delia’s recipe cards from Waitrose. I like my desserts less sweet, so I used 25g less sugar that recommended. I also marbled the cake with crushed blueberries to enhance the flavour.

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Blackberry and apple crumble

In an attempt to make the most of summer fruit, I came back home with a few kilo of blackberries, strawberries and plums. Expect to see more fruit recipes soon. This blackberry and apple crumble can be made with frozen berries out of season but right now, you can pick your own in a local park or woodland. Read More

Risotto verde

Vibrant green summery risotto made with asparagus, spinach, peas and fresh green herbs. Read More

Roast chicken and bacon salad

Tangy chicken and bacon salad ideal for a quick mid-week supper. Read More

Summer fruit pudding

Make the most of summer fruit with this classic summer fruit pudding recipe. Serves 5-6. Read More

Chocolate pots

Indulgent chocolate pots with gooey centre. Ready in 35 minutes. Serves 6 to 8. Read More

Onion rings in beer batter

Inspired by the excellent onion rings in the Draft House, East Dulwich, I set out to make my own. The result was fantastic. Read More

Thai stir fried pork

Sweet and spicy Thai pork stir fry. Serves 2. Read More

Clear beetroot soup

This is a clear version of the beetroot soup, cooked with shredded young beetroot leaves.  Serves 2. Read More

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