Month: October 2012

Green tomato chutney

We’ve had loads of unripe tomatoes left on the vine this year. As the nights are getting colder and there’s a risk of frost, I thought I would make a green tomato chutney. My recipe is based on Nigel Slater’s with a few adjustments – I simply used whatever I had in the cupboard.

I was a bit worried about theĀ  amount of sugar that went into it but give it a few days in the jar and it’s nice and tangy and not too sweet at all. It goes really well with cheese or ham.

The amounts given make around 1.5 litre of chutney.

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Beef bourguignon

Traditional beef bourguignon is made with cubed braising steak. I use a whole brisket sometimes – it looks really good when sliced and makes a wonderful dinner party dish. It’s best prepared a day in advance so that the flavours develop overnight. Serves 6.

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