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Slow Cooked Short Beef Ribs

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Chilli con carne

I prefer to use chunks of braising steak to mince – it looks better and gives you something to chew on. Just make sure to brown the meat well first – this is very important – the deeper the colour, the better the flavour. It takes around two hours to cook, so I always make sure Read More

Individual steak and Guinness pies with puff pastry lids

This is a winter-time household favourite.  I prefer to use ramekins rather than a large pie dish as there’s  less risk the pastry will become soggy.

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Beef bourguignon

Traditional beef bourguignon is made with cubed braising steak. I use a whole brisket sometimes – it looks really good when sliced and makes a wonderful dinner party dish. It’s best prepared a day in advance so that the flavours develop overnight. Serves 6.

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