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Roast sausages with smoked paprika and caramelised onions

Damn, these Heck sausages are good, and these! We really are spoilt for choice these days when it comes to good quality sausages in supermarkets. I always roast mine for an hour with plenty of smoked paprika and my favourite spice mix (Schwartz Spicy Italian) on a bed of onions. The onions caramelise and can be Read More

Slow cooked pork with smoked paprika and lentils

I normally slow cook with beef, but this sweet and smoky pork stew went down really well last week. You can freeze any leftovers for a mid-week dinner.

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Slow cooked BBQ ribs

It’s funny how some perfectly reasonable adults, mostly men, refuse to eat meat on the bone… Well, I’m not that person, I like a good, slow cooked rib smothered in sticky sauce. A kilo of ribs will feed two very hungry people. I normally get mine from the Ginger Pig in Borough Market.

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Thai stir fried pork

Sweet and spicy Thai pork stir fry. Serves 2.

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Roast sausage sandwich with caramelised onions

Juicy sausages, perfect sliced lenghtways in a sandwich with brown sauce or hot Polish horseradish. Make sure to use good quality sausages with at least 80% meat content.

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